Famous Pet Owners

Kelly Clarkson

The singer describes her Texas home as a "rescue ranch" and says she has over 50 animals! “We have 30 dogs, 14 horses. We still only have three ponies and four minis, but we have goats now, two pigs we rescued called Miss Daisy and Boss Hog, I gave those to my brother," she said. She says she will take in all sorts of animals but draws the line at elephants; they're just too big.

Ryan Reynolds
The only thing  Ryan Reynolds does more than make mediocre films, is spend time with his beloved lab mix Baxter. Here we see the two relaxing in one of Boston's iconic parks, The Public Garden.
Hugh Jackman
When  Hugh Jackman's not filming or working out, you can usually find him spending time with his kids and the family dog, Peaches.
Ryan Gosling
Yes, ladies,  Ryan Gosling is charming, handsome, witty, and loves animals. The actor has owned his massive mutt George for 11 years!
Ashley Olsen
Ashley Olsen carries her adorable French Bulldog puppy as she steps into a waiting SUV in New York City.
Eva Longoria Parker
Eva Longoria Parker posted this darling pic to her Twitter account, showing her and furry friend Jinxy shortly afte he underwent surgery. "My lil Jinxy had his leg operated on," wrote the star. "Poor baby!"
Renee Zellweger
Renee Zellweger was devastated when her Golden Retriever Dylan died in 2004, but she's since moved on with a new furry friend.