Durable Chew Toy - Carefree Pet
Durable Chew Toy - Carefree Pet

Durable Chew Toy

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Product Information

Your dog will love to sink his teeth into this festive rope dog toy from Zanies!

  • Natural cotton rope
  • Helps keep teeth clean!
  • Made with vegetable dyes

Why We Love It:

We love that this bone helps maintain clean teeth in dogs! The Zanies Knotted Rope Bones Dog Toy is made of natural cotton rope and dyed with safe vegetable dyes for a colorful playtime experience. 

This twisted rope dog toy is perfect for tossing, tugging and carrying around. Its size is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. 

As your dog plays with this toy and mouths it, the cottony material gently flosses the teeth and massages the gum for improved oral health. Keep several on hand to always have a fresh "flossie" around! 

When playing a game of tug with your pet, be sure to use discretion to ensure your pup isn't putting too much pressure on their teeth. Inspect the product for signs of bleeding.

As with any toy, supervise your pet while in use. Replace when it becomes overworn

 Material: Cotton
 Size: 15.00*2.00*2.00cm